The Z-Car Cockpit project
Here you will find the list of the in progress and future developpents. I cannot display a planning because I had time to work on it only evenings and week-ends,  knowing that I also have a private life out of informatics and computers it is dificult for me to make estimates...
Anyway, now that I have a platform for test and development which is nothing more than the prototype, I can easly advance on the software functionalities which I wish to set up.
In progress developments
-- None --
Wished developments 
These developments would have make the V1 software program :
- New skin ; - Linear gauges (bars) ;
- External & internal temperature sensors: glaze alarm.
Ideas for future developments
For V2 and following :
- MP3 player ;
- GPS and navigation ;
- Sound alarms.
In progress

-- None --